Anon, come here anon, I just want to say, I love you and I am so sorry this happened to you, I knew what you meant and it was an adorable prompt that I would probably have loved to draw as it was intended.

But that typo, that makes it a million times better

Anonymous asked:

different anon but yeah i like feanorians with muscle, too. they're hunters, warriors, and smiths. they would definitely be built. (personally, i don't get the lean=pretty aesthetic, ha.)

O kay? Then you create that with your own work or commission someone else to? I do draw big bulky elves (the original request referenced my version of eol) but I don’t want to draw only one body type ever. I don’t understand why you would write or send this, my recreational art is for me, not for you

Anonymous asked:

i'll pay you actual silmarils if you draw Feanorians as built up and muscly as your Eol <3

I don’t get this aesthetic but ok I hope you like the C’s

follow up to this 

this is entirely the fault of the people commenting in the stream and mostly unionthesalmon as usual

Anonymous asked:

If Melkor decided to be fabulous one day.

I also got a request for Nellas and I’ve been drawing so many sad dead/dying people lately I needed this ;a;

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