Anonymous asked:

I adore your work. You are really amazing. I hope you have a great day.

Thank you! I hope you (and everyone else seeing this) do too!

Anonymous asked:

okay so your sauron has cat ears, right? you should totally draw him doing that tongue thing that cats do all the time.

is this what you mean

Thanks you guys, these messages are so nice ;u;

I didn’t intend a theme I was just drawing as I came up with the puns and it just coincidentally turned into nolo’s family

Anon, come here anon, I just want to say, I love you and I am so sorry this happened to you, I knew what you meant and it was an adorable prompt that I would probably have loved to draw as it was intended.

But that typo, that makes it a million times better

Anonymous asked:

different anon but yeah i like feanorians with muscle, too. they're hunters, warriors, and smiths. they would definitely be built. (personally, i don't get the lean=pretty aesthetic, ha.)

O kay? Then you create that with your own work or commission someone else to? I do draw big bulky elves (the original request referenced my version of eol) but I don’t want to draw only one body type ever. I don’t understand why you would write or send this, my recreational art is for me, not for you

Anonymous asked:

i'll pay you actual silmarils if you draw Feanorians as built up and muscly as your Eol <3

I don’t get this aesthetic but ok I hope you like the C’s

follow up to this 

this is entirely the fault of the people commenting in the stream and mostly unionthesalmon as usual

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