For givenclarity <3<3

omgomgomg <3333
hmm I wonder who donated their hair…


For givenclarity <3<3

omgomgomg <3333

hmm I wonder who donated their hair…

Anonymous asked:

So does that mean that Gimli, Fili and Kili, and even Bombur have tattoos? ^.^

I tend to use the movie versions when possible for hobbit/lotr stuff— it’s easier for people to identify and I just don’t know the content well enough to confidently design my own versions, sorry!

But Narvi def does, I just haven’t designed any yet… (I like the idea of convincing Celebrimbor to get matching brotp tattoos)

Anonymous asked:

aw man you missed Angrod and Aegnor on the twin party! Perhaps they arrive an hour late with more booze? Then Aegnor promptly joins the drinking contest to try and be buddies with the awesome Edain and half-Edain while Angrod goes to intimidate Elrond with his 'so you wedded my niece huh' spiel (Because that party IS happening, OK, on another plane of existence or after the Dagor Dagorath I don't care it just happens they need to all meet each other and not care about any of them dying)

I didn’t know they were! Where does it say that? 

(Another thing I found while researching that I couldn’t figure out how to include was an early note where he briefly considered making Eowyn a twin. Heh Eotwins.)

Anonymous asked:

I wanted to ask, where did your idea of giving Eol and... sometimes Maeglin those cool tattoos?

I have a headcanon that dwarves, and particularly dwarven smiths are associated with body modification especially tattoos (as opposed to elven smiths I tend to draw with piercings instead) and I am unsure with Maeglin, because he has such a complicated heritage and upbringing, it’s hard to say what he would have valued, or seen himself in, or want to be associated with, so I haven’t exactly decided

Anonymous asked:

Have you ever thought about a middle earth twins only party cause that seems like something that would happen

i’m sorry

Anonymous asked:

omg I love your art so much ! Can you draw Thranduil in battle armor with Bard or with Legolas, or Legolas and Tauriel :D ?

thank you!

Anonymous asked:

Maglor as king regent please, if you're still taking requests. :)

skyfulloffangirls replied to your post: got online and my dash was full of fab…

THIS IS THE BEST. Woah. What if Melkor had a fabulous multicoloured cape to match because he was jelly.

why. why would you encourage this

Anonymous asked:

I love your little Maeglin and his cute little moles! They're just perfect I love your art!

thank you so much <3

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