warm up sketch that turned into larxene


I forget the conversation that led to this.. something about dream eaters and minigames

bringing this back because I was a lot happier when I thought this was what Sora’s heart looked like ;A;

(uploading old kh fanarts because why not I fucking love these guys)

I think this is the one art I’ve found reposted the most… Some cosplayers even acted it out once :> So even though I see so many flaws now, I still like it. Too many happy memories I guess

Every game I think this is the saddest intro animation possible and with each sequel they outdo themselves ;~; 

Yeah no go ahead and remind me how tragic Days was.

Suddenly nostalgia feelings… I’ll always love these guys though..

I need to play the new game sob

Rinzler!kitty vs akiramelon

Geekiest thing I’ve ever drawn

I can’t post anything I drew today, so here’s sketches for kh themed bookmarks I may or may not do.

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